I’m Francois, a financial risk analyst by day and gamer by night.

I’m originally from Venezuela but currently residing in Paris. For the last decade, I’ve worked building financial risk models for multinationals and local banks. I’m also an active writer and organizer at Queer Paris.

Notable clients

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I obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Paris I: Pantheon-Sorbonne and a Master’s of Science Statistics from ENSAI.

Credit Risk Quantitative Analyst

While employed as a quantitative analyst at Natixis, I worked in a team setting to define the methodological principles applicable to credit risk models. We developed efficient analytical tools and implemented innovative methodologies to improve the performance of existing credit risk models.
Credit Risk Quantitative Analyst

Senior Data Research

As a senior data research analyst at KPMG France, I worked with my fellow team members to build recruiting data roadmaps and analytics reporting frameworks. I also designed, built, and maintained dashboards and visualizations to help translate complex findings and data in a compelling narrative for the end user.
Senior Data Research

Financial Data Scientist

For the past five years I’ve worked as a financial data scientist at AXA en France. My primary responsibilities here have included automating machine learning model management and developing ML model algorithms to optimize revenue opportunities.
Financial Data Scientist

Some of my work

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Why Work With Me?

It’s my goal for people from all backgrounds to walk away with a deeper understanding of complex issues such as fintech, credit risk, statistical analytics, and what the data gathered from machine learning algorithms can tell us.

I’m especially passionate about reaching out to and helping underserved or disadvantaged consumers gain a stronger financial footing in today’s environment. Thanks to new technologies that promote financial inclusion, many barriers have been lifted for racial and sexual minorities, rural residents, and lower income people from economically disadvantaged areas.

Ultimately, the finance world is shifting as fintech has proven effective at disrupting traditional banking and establishing enduring structural changes in regards to how financial services are deployed. The problem is that most people don’t know how these shifts and changes will benefit them...or even that they can in the first place.

That’s where I come in. I’m at the point now where I want to focus my career towards teaching others about how to take advantage of these shifts through my writing.

Here’s why you should consider working with me:


I’m Told I’m Good at Writing

Writing has always been a big part of what I do. As a senior data researcher, one of my main responsibilities has always been to write detailed reports that analyze and forecast financial trends, and communicate analyses and recommendations to various cross-functional stakeholders.

During the last six years I’ve also taken on freelance writing projects to generate extra income on the side, and I discovered a joy for writing I never knew I had before. The bulk of my writing has focused on fintech, financial advice, data analytics, and financial risk.


My Experience Speaks For Itself

I’ve spent two decades translating complex findings and data into a compelling and easy-to-understand narrative for end users to follow.

Besides writing, I can also utilize basic tools such as Excel, PowerPoint or infographics to deliver reports and dashboards that further break down data and trends into meaningful visualizations.


I Know How to Work Together As A Team

Working as part of a team is what I do best. I’m an extrovert at heart and I always maintain a strong focus on my clients. I’m responsive to client requests, and work to develop a professional and productive working relationship.

I have nearly twenty years of experience working with teams to define methodological principles that are applicable to credit risk models, and also worked with recruiting managers at various companies to evaluate and measure organizational effectiveness and make recommendations for further optimization.


I Believe Fintech Empowers Individuals and Businesses

Fintech is about more than just digitizing finance. I’m a firm believer that fintech services have the power to be pro-consumer and benefit everyday people and businesses alike. Fintech can expand access to financial services, reduce transaction costs, and enable people to have more efficient control over budgeting and spending.

Let’s work together.